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 Hello there, lovelies! I am Shandy Grey, a chef and the animal lover – especially small furry pets. And guess what? I’m a vegetarian! 😊

Being raised in a family who loves to eat healthy yet tasty, it wasn’t that hard for me to completely change my lane into this surprisingly beneficial choice of life. I was actually the first one who became a vegan and my family eventually followed my steps later on.

So when my parents decided to let the world acquainted with the vegan life, they built up a small restaurant downtown and I’ve been their chef ever since. The best thing ‘bout it was, our family business was sincerely loved by fellow vegetarians!

And as a family-oriented person, I also grew strong affection towards small furry animals that my family has raised since I was still a new-born baby. I remember having Ozyl, the Turkish Angora cat as a pet when I was 10, and though he’s already in heaven now, I could never forget how memorable my life with him around.

But things have gone completely different when I started living alone. I find it hard to raise cats or dogs since I won’t be home most of the time.

The thought of leaving those adorable pets alone for more than half of the day...........I am a guilty mess.

But my dear cousin introduced me to his Syrian hamster and I immediately fell in love! Though, the one I ended up adopting was the Dwarf Winter White hamster.

So here I am now, living in this narrow apartment with my adolescent baby, Gabriel.

Thinking the name is too good for the boy?

Nah, I honestly named him after my favorite character in McCullough’s witch series. Yes, that Gabriel whose talent is finding things wherever it is. (And he travels in time too!)

Then again, I think the guardian title just suits him since he looks like a pure angel to me.

Now, if I could name one benefit of raising a dwarfie, it would be: the boy is nocturnal!

Yup, you read it right. I’m suffering from insomnia (though I’ve been trying to fix that) and it honestly feels awful to be the only one awake at night, doing nothing while trying so hard to sleep.

My days got better when I had Gab with me. Often I think we’re fated; I go to work early in the morning and got home just in time when he wakes up. And the rest of midnight ‘till dawn is filled with our chit chats, playtime, and even having dinner together. I mean, being a vegetarian is joyful as it is, but eating with a fellow vegan brings more happiness, don’t ya think? 😉

Anyhow, guess I sincerely fall in love with Gab and his family. I’ve drawn to this species that I grow a strong desire to adopt another one. Unless I can’t do that. With my messy self, I doubt I can take care of two at the same time.

That’s why I started to build up this blog instead. I hope to be able to share information about Dwarf hamster so that the world will love ‘em better!

Lastly, please also anticipate my personal stories about this Gab boy and some of his friends. See ya 😊