The Most Favorite Dwarf Hamster Toys in 2020

The Most Favorite Dwarf Hamster Toys in 2020


Dwarf hamster toys might be sitting at the bottom of your list, but it is actually something you need to keep your eyes on. Unlike cats or dogs, toys in the hamster universe play an important role in their growth and health. You may have heard about the overgrown teeth on hamstersa condition where a hamster’s front teeth keep on growing that it goes beyond the normal length.

And it happens to every existing hamster out there. That is why you must supply your hamster with toys for them to gnaw on. This way, you won’t need additional treatment for their teeth to stay in trim.

And that does not stop there.

The Dwarf’s hamster favorite toys

Dwarf Hamsters are born active – like, super active. This is why they require exercises and improvement to keep them carefree and fit. And those exercises help improve their mental instinct and alert. If you’re concerned about their teeth’s growth, wood chew toys are the most ideal pick.

But if an obese hamster is what you are scared of at the moment, you’d need to go for a hamster exercise wheel. However, chew toys and hamster wheel aren’t the only existing hamster toys out there. Like how each child toy is specifically designed to support certain development stages, every hamster toy is made for a different purpose.

Letting your Dwarf hamster run in a Hamster Ball

Hamster is in a much smaller size than cats or dogs. And don’t even start with how small a Dwarf hamster is... they grow up to 12 cm only! As an owner, you must’ve had that desire of wanting to let them roam around the house, away from their cage.

But as much as you want to let them out, their tiny body size becomes a great concern. Like, you’re not going to search the entire house and dig into nooks and crannies just to find where the hell your hamster is hiding, right?

And that’s why you need a hamster ball. Aside from the hamster wheel and the chew toys, this one is especially popular for those who love to have their hamster running around in the house.

Using a hamster ball, your lovely hamster can roam the house in safety without getting lost in the dark or any hidden spaces around the house. It’s a good way to ensure your hamster to get enough exercise, even outside their cage. The good thing is, you’re also reducing the probability of your hamster feeling stuffy after staying inside the whole day.

However, make sure to block off any potential dangers before letting your hamster outside the cage. Oh, don’t forget the stairs too! You can easily find your preferable hamster balls on Amazon. Simply choose, put them on your cart, and done!

The Hamster Wheel every Dwarfie Needs

Let’s say you’ve occupied yourself with the ‘overgrown teeth’ prevention kit. But there’s still one essential toy you need to get. And that’s a hamster wheel.

Dwarf hamster starts to wake up at dawn. Upon waking up, they will start their ‘day’ by eating. Once done, they’d need something to burn their calories; which is by running on the wheel. And let’s be honest, no matter how much you love a fluffy, chubby hamster at home, being overweight is always a problem – and it’s never good.

Therefore, you’ll need a hamster wheel to keep your hamster balanced. Let them play on the wheel while burning some calories. Upon buying, avoid the toy that has wire wheels as it could cause a leg injury in case if your hamster’s legs ever get caught on it. And make sure you get the smaller wheel to suit Dwarf Hamster’s tiny size.

Why is hamster wheel important?

Unlike lazy-ass humans, hamster loves to run. Like, so much. In fact, they can actually run up to 6 miles at night on their exercise wheel. They basically need to exercise since they love to eat. If your hamster overeats and doesn’t exercise, they can gain unnecessary weight that potentially triggers certain sickness, such as diabetes and heart attack.

To protect them against those illnesses, it is vital for them to exercise on a wheel or a hamster ball. And while the latter can be a good help too, sometimes you don’t always have the time to watch over you hamster running around the house. So while you ain’t looking, let them play inside their cage with the hamster wheel.

Nah, do you see how important is a hamster wheel for them now?

In case if a hamster doesn’t get enough exercise or is kept in a too-small hamster home, they might even get paralyzed. A paralyzed hamster can be identified as it sits in a hunched way and faces problems in moving its hind legs. Lack of exercise and movement can also cause your hamster to get stressed and this can lead to serious health problems like wet tail and a shorter lifespan.

But in case if you want more, you can make your very own dwarf hamster toys. Since they love to explore and play, you can make them a maze-like toy that has holes and tunnels for playing hide-and-seek. You really don’t have to spend a lot on these.