Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dwarf Hamster Food

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dwarf Hamster Food


Dwarf hamster food has become one of the greatest concerns for the novice. You might’ve heard a lot how this tiny pet is all about being a vegetarian, munching hastily on the crunchy vegetables. In fact, hamsters are omnivores.

Yes, they probably love vegetables and fruits more than we do, but this furry animal does need a protein intake from meats. If you check out the ingredients of hamster meal available in the pet shop, it would be comprised of fish, chicken or even beef.

Still, the perfect diet for your hamster would be the one that’s close to what they’d eat in the wild, which includes fresh veggies and mealworms.

The small furry pet’s diet

Is feeding your Dwarf Hamster  seed mix the best way to maintain their diet?

That’s a big no.

That’s because hamster also requires other nutrients such as protein, grains, vegetable, and fruits that add additional vitamins to maintain their health and happiness.

In some instance, your hamster may choose not to eat the mixed seeds provided, resulting in an unbalanced diet. That’s why the right diet plays an important role in nurturing a healthy, well-balanced hamster. Here is some great tips to maintain the right dwarf hamster diet: 

  1. Add veggies to their diet

    Feeding your hamster vegetables is essential. That’s probably the biggest source of nutrients your hamster needs. Wash the vegetables thoroughly before feeding them to your hamster and remove the old ones to make sure they don’t molder inside the cage. Take your time with just one piece of vegetable once or twice a week to prevent them from getting diarrhea.

  2. Protein is a must for the tiny pet

    Having this in your pet’s meal is essential, as it’s in charge of the hamster’s growth. Egg whites and tuna are some sources of proteins you can get for your dwarf hamster. You need to ensure to give them one small piece per week slowly.

  3. Feed your Dwarf hamster the proper Hamster food

    While they eat various kinds of foods, there are also limitations to it. Hamster treats is one of the examples where it should not be consumed too much. These sweet treats are fattening and can harm your hamster’s health if consumed often. And since dwarf hamster is prone to diabetes, food like white rice and bread should be avoided at all time. However, wild bird food is safe to consume.

How much fresh fruit and vegetable can my dwarf hamster have?

Ideally, you can give your dwarf hamster one piece of vegetable or fresh fruit a day. Even though it’s just a tiny amount, it is still too much for a hamster. Therefore, hamsters are allowed to have a maximum of three pieces per week be it veggies or fruits, under one conditionThese pieces should be about a thumb-sized and have some varieties. 

Giving more than this can cause wet tail and an upset tummy. Be careful not to give them soggy fruits or vegetables too!

The Blacklist in Your Dwarf Hamster Diet

Vegetables and fruits should be the staple food of any Dwarf Hamster diet. Those two contain the right amount of nutrients for a healthy hamster. However, certain breeds also consume a hamster formula based on the veterinary diets recommended by their vets.

Feeding your small rodent the right food is essential for their growth and survival. For example, an apple is safe to consume but not the apple seed. Here’s the food list that your Dwarf hamster should never consume:

  • Garlic
  • Almonds
  • Chocolate
  • Cabbage
  • Raisins
  • Potatoes