11 Ways Dwarf Hamster is Cooler Than Puppies & Kitties

dwarf hamster

If you are a night owl and often need company on your roughest evenings, then Dwarf Hamster must be destined for you.

Dwarf Hamster are gaining popularity nowadays due to their unique traits. It is no wonder people are trying to dig into them more!

Personal or business, it is known that animals play an important role in human lives.

When people think about animal companions, dogs and cats are the ones that normally pop out of their minds.

For instance, we tend to raise puppies because they provide a sense of security. Others choose to preserve kitties because they require less work than those young pups.

Don’t you think so?

Well, though some prefer those two furry animals, there are people who might be looking for something else. Something smaller, cuter, easier to care for and more affordable to raise.

Nah, there’s actually another pet that’d be a good fit for you – a Dwarf Hamster.

There are numerous reasons why they may be more suitable for you compared to dogs and cats.

This guide will help you decide whether they’ll be the perfect pet for you.

And along the way, we’ll discuss reasons why Dwarf Hamster make great pets.

But before we dig into the rabbit hole, it’s important to research about them before diving in.

The Dwarf Family

dwarf family

Like mentioned previously, Dwarf Hamsters are the more popular species of the rodent family in pet trade these days. Alternatively, more individuals are adopting them from pet shelters.

Dwarf Hamsters differ from other breeds in such a way that they are more social compared to others. They can be kept in small groups or pairs and they’ll be just fine.

There are different types of Dwarf Hamsters species, which are as follows:

  • Roborovski (Robo) Dwarf Hamster
  • Russian Dwarf Hamster
  • Campbells Dwarf Hamster

Although Chinese Hamsters are often mistaken as the Dwarf family, they are technically not belong to the club. This misunderstanding is all caused by their size.

Like their name, Dwarf means “small in size”. They will grow up to 4 to 12 cm long, depending on the variant with Roborovski as the smallest of those three.

However, these breed normally live for 1 to 3 years only. So if you aren’t ready for goodbyes just yet, consider strengthen your soul before taking one home.

Caution: When untamed, Dwarf Hamsters bites and could pose danger to pets sharing the same cage.

Dwarf Campbells Russian Hamster

Dwarf Campbells Russian Hamster

Just like the name suggests, this Russian Hamster was first discovered in Russia.

Despite being a popular breed of pet, they are less friendly and have a tendency to show territorial behaviors.

But they do get along well with other pets when introduced at a young age. If too late, they may be vicious and attack other hamsters.

Of course, there are ways to tame Russian Dwarfs.

All they need is a little time and attention to get comfortable with their surroundings.

Russian Winter White Dwarf Hamster

Russian Winter White Dwarf Hamster

The Winter White Russian Hamster is very similar to the Dwarf Campbells Hamster. Not only that, they are also closely related – though Winter Whites are generally more timid.

Unlike Campbell’s, this species is originated from Central Asia.

Back then, they used to cover their coat into white to camouflage themselves against predator during winter. That’s where they picked up the name.

They are also known as Winter White Hamster, Siberian Hamster, and Djungarian Hamster. So if you ever encounter these names, don’t get confused. They’re all the same thing!

Winter Whites can be tamed easily, making them the excellent pet for owners who has children at home. They love to rest on human palm and be stroked gently.

However, the male ones are less prone to violence and territorial aggression than female ones. They can get noisy – often squeaking at each other as a way of communication.

Roborovski Hamsters (Robo)

roborovski hamster

Here goes the smallest breed of the Dwarfs.

Roborovski Hamster – widely known as Robo – can be difficult to handle since they are quite agile and fast.

They’re also nocturnals. So don’t get surprised if they get too active at night.

Like other Dwarf Hamsters, it is best to establish groupings when they are young or newcomers won’t live long.

Their natural color is sandy brown on their backs, with a white belly. This helps them blend with their desert surroundings.

So? Did you learn something about Dwarf Hamster?

It’s not over yet!

Children may be able to handle dogs and cats, but not Dwarf Hamsters.

I know some people think of hamsters as a pet for children, but these tiny animals require attention of an adult since children can get rough with these pocket pets.

You are wondering if they are really the best household pet, right?

No worries though, you are yet to learn the most interesting facts about a Dwarf Hamster.

Here are 15 reasons why Dwarf Hamsters is way cooler than puppies and kitties:

  puppy and kitty dwarf hamster

1. Dwarf Hamster almost cost you nothing.

While adopting a cat or dog can rob your bank account, getting the mini hamster from a pet shelter serves you otherwise.

When you adopt a puppy or kitten from animal shelters or pet store, you must be prepared to pay around $300 to over $1500.

A Dwarf Hamster itself cost roundly about $15. Moreover, hamster breeding is fast so you only need a pair of hamsters before they become a family.

The gestation period is usually 20-22 days. The shortest you can get for an animal to get pregnant, except Syrian Hamsters who are only pregnant for about 16 days.

2.  Don’t be surprised with your increased savings

No. It’s not the dwarfie who’s striking gold, but it’s all because you’ve adopted them as your home company.

Think about it. When your pet is a puppy or kitten, you tend to spend lots of your personal savings to make them happy.

If you ever consider bringing a furry friend home, you have to ask yourself: 

Can I afford to raise them?

Litter box, spaying or neutering, medical check-ups, scratching post. Those necessities themselves cost more than $600 already.

On the other hand, you never have to worry about becoming a hamster owner.

Dwarf Hamster cage cost $40 at most. Food and other supplies won’t go further than $30, yet can lasts for a long time. These things, you can simply put ‘em in your shopping cart and buy online.

Nah, see the difference in expense? Guess that makes you feel at ease just by thinking about it.

3. The tiny pet can be your sweetest vegetarian company.

vegetable for tiny pet

I know. Dwarf Hamster isn’t an all-round vegans. They are actually the omnivore type.

Veggies and fruits should be the staple hamster food of any Dwarf Hamster diet

They contain the right amount of nutrients for a healthy hamster.

Certain breeds also consume hamster formula based on veterinary diets recommended by their vets.

Feeding your small rodent the right food is essential for their growth and survival. For example,apple is safe to consume but not apple seed. They’re also allowed to eat dry foods, such as wild bird food.

Notice how crucial these knowledges are?Here’s the food list that should not be consumed:

  • Garlic
  • Almonds
  • Chocolate
  • Cabbage
  • Raisins
  • Potatoes

4.  The rodent baby can be your night-owl’s buddy.

Looks like those who have insomnia have found the perfect night buddy for them.

Dwarf Hamster is born nocturnal and will get super active at night, mostly using their exercise wheel. During times when you can’t sleep, you can consider playing with them ‘till you get sleepy.

This also helps you bond with your baby hamster.

But if you ain’t an insomniac, it’s better to keep them in a separate area. Well, unless you can sleep with all their squeaking.

5.  You won’t need a whole room as the Dwarf’s playground.

Sounds obvious but this species requires less space compared to your pups and kitties.

All you need is a small cage placed on the corner of the house, smaller than normal hamsters.

Provide habitat accessories such as sand bath, hamster wheel, bedding and toys. Then, you’re all set.

No need to get the whole room dirty and messy.

6.  They are the real definition of “adorable”

adorable dwarf hamster

What else is adorable when compared to a ball of fluff that stands on the palm of your hand?

Okay, dogs and cats may be cute. But who would not want little fluff butts and fuzzy fur?

Their shape itself can make people smile. Also, they are extremely goofy!

7.  The pocket pet is less rowdy

They are less rowdy than dogs or cats.

The only noises you will hear from Dwarf Hamsters are squeaks, the sound of them biting their cage, and the sound of wheel running.

All that, is still less rowdy compared to one dog barking.

8.  They can groom themselves just well.

Say goodbye to grooming supplies!

No need to worry about finding a way to clean this tiny creature. The Dwarf family clean themselves well and never require bath.

If you still worry about their hygiene, you can give them a quick baby wipe.

9.  All they need are simple toys

They love to explore and play — like, a lot.

For that, all you need is maze – like toys that has holes and tunnels for hide and seek. You really don’t have to spend a lot on these.

Having natural wood chew toys or other suitable hamster toys for them to keep the hamster’s teeth in check.

10.  They do not smell

Kitties or puppies smell most of the time while Hamsters do not smell too much except if they are not cleaned.

They have very little odor as long as you clean their cage.

11.Less prone to health issues

Believe it or not, Dwarf Hamsters are less prone to health issues compared to dogs and cats.

There are only a few serious health problems that you might encounter when raising one, which are:

  • Wet tail – this one is a serious health problem and is caused by bacteria, be sure to check for signs of this occasionally.
  • Dental problems – example of this is overgrown teeth (front teeth is too long). Dental care should normally be able to solve this problem.

The Bottom Line

Basically, Dwarf Hamster is one good option for your recurrent solitary nights inside those skyscraper buildings. They bring you happiness, a sense of soothing presence which assures you that you’re never alone, and requires less energy that won’t rob your bank account.

But at the end of the day, the choice is all yours.

Whether it’s a cat, a dog, or the tiny hamster of any breed; they all will eventually be a good pet as long as you provide them with utmost care and love they need.

So make sure to take a really great care of any pet you have, love them, and train those lovelies so they could be your lifetime company.